ZP Photography

This was a whole brand design for ZP Photography.

First, I talked with Zach Phillips and helped him come up with his company name and look and feel. Zach decided to go with a modern, simplistic feel with only one color.

After that was established, I created a logo and business card for him keeping his newly developed brand in mind. I had the business card printed using 32pt weight paper with a black center from Moo Printing. Using the thick paper, slightly different card dimensions, and the small pop of color on the edges, this card helps Zach to stand out from the other Photographers without breaking the bank.

My next step was to create the website. Zach doesn’t have a background in coding website so I built it using WordPress so that he could make edits himself without having to wait or pay for someone else to do them. I also installed and customized a plugin that allows him to display and sell his images straight from his website. The website is also connected with PayPal so he doesn’t need to worry about checks or credit cards when selling his work, the amount is automatically added into his account.

Skills Used:

Design | Development
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